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As chef and business owner, Donna Knopf developed her vegetarian recipes, managed and oversaw the production of all of her signature handmade tamales, home-style salsas, dips and old-fashioned chips. Vegetas products were made with fresh vegetables, flavorful cheeses, healthy legumes and a unique blend of spices. Foremost, it was essential that all products be of consistent quality and created with the best ingredients, most of which were kosher and organic, and guaranteed an even higher level of quality. Donna developed Jalapeno Hummus, Sweet Potato, Cinnamon & Sugar and Rustic Corn Tortilla Chips as the perfect counterparts to her line of salsas and dips. And, adding excitement to fresh fruits, Donna created a line of fruit dips – Lemon Cheesecake, Peach Melba and Caramel Crème.





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